Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Ceramics

As promised, new pottery. I didn't quite finish the bunch that I wanted to post, but tomorrow is another day. So much going on! First of all, the zines are out at Pikaland...go take a look! ( you can get one here, too!) And then I mailed off my sketch book project sketch book. (You can see some of the 28,836 participants portfolios here.)Whew! Who would have thought January would be BUSY?
I like the way this new design came out on the plates. They co-ordinate with the frame and box designs.
And here are some wee salt and pepper dishes with spoons.
I love making these .
side views....
Thanks for looking and back to work for me! :) Oh yes! Newness in the etsy shop!

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Greenderella said...

I love the ceramic! So pretty!