Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another day in NYC

On this particular day, I decided to hit the Flower District first. They are open early, so I figured I'd shop here first and by then the other places I wanted to go would be open. Here is a nice NY Times article on the flower district. Jenn Ackerman took the photo and it's a good one! Thanks!
I didn't see the point of buying fresh flowers, so I hunted down other supplies that I use.
Loving these butterflies! There were hundreds to choose from....I wish I got more! All the more reason to go back :)

Wee little watering cans... Maybe for my dolls or vases.
I hit the jackpot when I found just what I was looking for all in the same place....I had walked by the shop, and something told me to go back....and I'm glad I did!

These are made of paper!
I got the little flowers already in their pots....then off to M & J Trim!
This is all that I got there, but, boy was there a lot to choose from! Everybody was very handy and helpful,too.
Here's some shots, courtsey of Knit your socks off.....she has a good post about her shopping experience. She also has some great knitting stores that she blogs about for all of you knitters.

Gobs and gobs of "stuff"....

Then onto Kinokuniya.....that Japanese bookstore that I love so much! I spent 1 and 1/2 hours there this particular day....and this is what I got...."Afternoon Tea"....a magazine devoted to a tea shop in Japan...a few English words, but I bought it for the inspirational pictures and products. (as in art work, although I am walking on clouds in this store)

This is the shop in Japan, photos by cute-kawaii...
Look at all of that pinkness!
I have to go to Japan ....with a large empty suitcase.
This little book ,I believe is all about fun things that a woman found when she visits Europe....Lots of pictures of sweets, kitchen items, pottery and the like....
I found these pictures through this Japanese shop online, Romoshop.
You get the picture (pun intended, yo)
FINALLY! I've been trying to find this book for YEARS! Well wouldn't you know that last time I went to Kinokunyia, I did't know that there was a third floor.....Duhhhhh....If you go there, go all the way to the back of the store, turn right....there is the hidden staircase....all of the art books are up there and a little cafe. So glad I found it this time! Anyway, I got the English time I go , I will get her other book, "Un Deux".
This book has no English at all in it, but it is full of images and designs by Liberty of London, a favorite of mine. You can find more info on Liberty of London here .
Great designs and great fabric....(see my last NYC post on Purl....they had just got a shipment in when I was visiting! lucky me!)

This is a nice photo by Hidden in France....She has a source for fabric by the yard, here. Lucky all of us!
I've never eaten at Le Pain Quotidien....but they are everywhere. (I live on an Island with no chain stores....except Ralph....he slipped in before Wendy changed it all!)
This is right across the street from Kinokuniya. I found a secret little table to download my brain after all of the day's activity. It's a beautiful cafe.

I walked back to the Village, and went searching for where we were going to eat that night. I came upon "Casa"....a Brazilian restaurant on quaint 72 Bedford Street. This funny medley of things were in the windows....

It was delicious! We have a Brazilian population here in Nantucket, and even a Brazilian grocery store. Maybe I can try my hand at some of these dishes....YUM! :)

Off to the Studio! See you there....:)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Easter eggs

I start early on my egg painting.
Eggs are symbols of immortality, rebirth and new life.
According to the Wise Geek , dyeing eggs in bright hues and decorating them is a tribute to the vitality and fertility evident everywhere in spring; new life emerging after the cold, dark dormancy of winter.
It's nasty out, but Spring is in the air.

These next two eggs look alike, but they aren't!

I'll be posting a bunch of eggs on my etsy shop soon! Think Spring......:)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Well Wed Spring 2010

The new Well Wed magazine is out for the Cape and Islands, and I got a wee feature in it! (Click this link and flip to page 30)
In their "Noteworthy News"....I was selected as one of the top four talented wedding professionals! Thank you, Well Wed!
Here is the couple who was featured....available at my etsy shop! For more wedding ideas, click the wedding image to the right....and keep checking my blog for more wedding news....xo :)