Monday, February 28, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

YUM! This is such a pretty one . I think I'd just like to look at it instead of eat it. Image from La Boom!
Here is another one that reminds me of spring( from tiny white daisies) Maybe I'll have a cake party!
Thanks to A Lady's Findings for these zinnia cupcakes!
Tartlette does it again with these beautifully assembled raspberry rose vanilla cream cake....WOW! You can get the recipe, too!
And finally, this exotic beauty from forty-sixth at Grace. She has more stunning pictures of this cake and some pink buttercream photographed on a hand painted floor. I'm painting pottery this week... new designs! Mug shots tomorrow:):):) Thanks for looking!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Butterfly Doll

There is a doll show coming up at Room #8 . I made my first entry this week.
She is made out of papier mache ,old lace, glitter and such.
A little powdered blush for her cheeks:)
nice stockings and red butterfly shoes.
She is holding a strand of paper butterfly dolls.
The show will be sometime in April. I'm a bit early! I think I'll make some more! Have a great day and thanks for looking!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beautiful Interiors

This is so pretty. You can tell it's a Scandinavian interior....whites and grays. This is from the Lilla Blanka blog. It's her house! She takes great photos.
I love this kitchen...everything is white....even the dishes! I might add a splash of color somewhere.... I got this from the lovely Sea Angels.
This is a stunning room designed by Rachel Ashwell for Country Living. She has the ability to make any room feel serene. Photo by William Waldron.
This is a great room. It looks like it could be a kitchen or a fancy mud room. Either way, I'll take it! The photo is by Michael Luppino for Traditional Home. Thanks for looking.... I have a bundle of things coming up! :):) Thanks for looking....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Edward Gorey!

Today is Edward Gorey's Birthday. He has always been one of my favorite illustrators.
I have all of his books and some by other authors that he had illustrated.
NPR recently did an interview with Alexander Theroux about his friendship with Edward. Mr. Theroux had written a book after Edward's death and it is being re-issued.
And there is a documentary coming out soon by Mooncusser Films.

Visit Chris Seufert's flickr page where I got these photos. I love this one with the family resting. And all of the books!
This is what his house looked like before they turned it into a museum.....The Edward Gorey House....just off route 6a in Yarmouthport. Go to their website for more info and visit their shop. Thanks for looking! :):)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Flower Bouquets

This is my favorite arrangement of all....from Once Wed.
Martha Stewart always has beautiful flowers on her site.
Georgeous from Saipua
I love Scarlet and Violet's arrangements.
Flowers from Hindie

We are thinking SPRING, aren't we? Have a happy day! :):)

The Sketchbook Project

The Sketch Book Project is underway ! You can go see my portfolio. ( And the other 28839 participants.)

You can see more of it here. There are so many books to go through, but I've picked these three that I like from the first ten pages of the submissions.
These are some sketches from Kamikazepiolet.
Very creepy and cool!

I love the nautical feel ofMagicmadzik's sketch book.

Here is a very colorful sketch book by GBOIVINQC from Quebec.
You can see them all at the Brooklyn Art Museum. :):)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Russian Art

Liking and looking at Russian art. I love this painting. You can see more HERE.
This reminds me a bit of Saul Steinberg. But it's not!
Here is an illustration from a Russian children's book. Thank you Journey Round My Skull!

This amazing piece is actually felted! It was copied from some Russian folk art. Joyce also felts visit her blog and her flickr page.
More Russian children's book illustrations. What a dandy little book!You can see more from THIS site .
Last but not least.....had to include this happy whale!
Now I am off to create! TTFN............:):)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cathy Cullis

I love this little Mr.Mustachio! Cathy Cullis is a mixed media artist who is giving herself a sculpt 365 heads for the year 2011....WOW! Go and see them!
She is also a poet and has a poetry blog.
And two shops! One HERE and the other HERE.
Sculpting, painting, embroidery, doll making and poetry and I bet more! Go have a visit....:)

Monday, February 14, 2011


Urban Outfitters launched a new line of bridal wear on Valentine's Day, called BHLDN. Here are the prettiest things I've found on the site.

First, a feather bolero .In my favorite color ,pink!

An eyelet wedding dress .....
A very lovely dress.....
Some fancy lingerie....just pull the bow! Ooooooh!

These pretty pom poms to attach to your shoes.
And sweet fingerless these!
Or lacy ones with bows.....
Everything has it's price....but girls, don't buy this piece of fabric for $160.00....I'll tell you how to make it for $10.00.(Just the Yankee in me ! )

All in all, it's a pretty line.Just in time for all of the Spring weddings coming up! TTFN! :):)