Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mermaid Boxes and New Mugs

I love this new design and I think you will too.

It is on a flared mug that seems to be the size most people like.( 10 oz)

Just right for a spot of tea. 

You can see the wee heart peeking out on the bottom.

Here are some new 3 inch heart boxes with florals and mermaids.
You can see the painted sides in this photo.
Fresh from the Jeanne van Etten factory!
Tomorrow I will be posting pictures of my new jumbo mugs with garden quotes.
Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sustainable Nantucket Online Shop

I have a new online shop! This is especially nice for Nantucket visitors because it is through  Sustainable Nantucket.

Among other things, Sustainable Nantucket runs our local Farmers and Artisans market.

You know that you can see me there every Saturday from June through October.

Now Sustainable Nantucket has an online shop with local vendors from the Farmers and Artisans market, and I am one of them! YAY!

I have lots to offer. Here are some sea scallop Christmas ornaments. Of course, I make them without "Nantucket" on them for those of you  who would like something else on them like a special name or date, or even left blank.
I hope that you will check it out!
You can also access my Sustainable Nantucket online shop through the link on the side bar.
Thanks for looking!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Edible Flowers and Beautiful Food

YUM!  What a beautiful display of food. This is from Peter Callahan, caterer.
A Thai mango salad....HERE is the recipe!
It looks good and I bet it tastes great.

Heart Beet Soup.You know that I LOVE beets!(Image found HERE)

How about a pretty cocktail with a lovely swizzle stick? From Kiss The Bride.

Here are the edible flowers on this "Flower Power" cake. Recipe HERE.And HERE is an edible flower food chart if you'd like to make some more pretty food.
More dessert! Too pretty to eat, but great to look at. To see more food ideas and photos, go to my pinterest "Favorite Recipe" board. 
Have a great day and thanks for looking! :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Edward Gorey!

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite Illustrators.
This photo from GORYANA...
And HERE, too!

Luckily for me, The Edward Gorey Museum is just a boat ride away.
Love that wallpaper!

There are all kings of groovy things for sale at the gift shop in the museum, which is in his house.
Somewhat like Ralph and Martha Cahoon"s house, also located on Cape Cod.
Two nice places to check out on your way to Nantucket!
Thanks for looking and have a great weekend! :):)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Aimez Le Style At The Tokyo Gift Show

Here is Aimez Le Style's booth at the Tokyo Gift Show.
They are a lovely company from Japan.
                                ^My cup that  designed is in the left hand corner above the arrow. :)

                               And here is the rest of the line! Whoo Hoo! These pictures are from their site and 
                               they are a little blurry because I blew them up. So under them I posted some of my     
                               designs on paper that  are clearer. The plates and cup are made of melamine. I am       
                               hoping to get some for my shop!

Much better visuals here.
I worked with the president of the company who I met On PINTEREST, folks!
                    We had a lot of fun designing all of these pieces. Most of the ideas were his, and
                                                                    I just played!                                                                            .

We did washi tape as well.

                                                                 How groovy is that?
The butterfly tape is my favorite!

Thank you Aimez Le Style!

Nantucket Mermaids

Here is a new card for the shop.I am drawing 6 new cards with nautical themes.

And the last of  the painted boxes. From now on, they will be glazed and fired. In with the new, out with the old.

Here is a lovely link!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Floral Ceramic Boxes

I am liking these boxes........ I hand painted them and glazed them and fired them up in the kiln.

they are about 4 inches round.
I did some new floral designs, because we all love flowers!

I love YELLOW! so cheery :)

I am re- doing the shop...again. We are moving the check out counter to the kitchen and opening more space in the shop.I am going to paint the kitchen floor with some pretty floral designs and I  will be adding some hand painted ceramic lamps, new boxes of all sizes, lady sachets, lots of beautiful hand made Mermaid vases and MORE!Whoo Hoo! Thanks for looking!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Whales Are Us

A nice little whale painting for Rennie's Husband for Valentine's Day.

She had me put hearts on the sails:):)  I bet he'll love it!

Lots of new things to show you tomorrow....I've been BUSY! :) Thanks for looking! Here is a lovely LINK!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello...I'm getting some images together for some Valentine's Day cards.

Or any day cards. It's nice to know people still like cards!

Thanks for looking and here is a lovely link....