Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mermaid In The Snow

It didn't snow as much as they said it would, but we got the wind and a bit of snow.
I'm taking the day off, so I made myself some goat cheese yogurt with maple syrup and a sprinkling of ground roses from Claudia's shop, "Ambrosia....botanical treats".

Jeffrey brewed me a cup of my favorite tea.
And then I sat down to read my favorite magazine,Country Living, the British edition. First of all, I love the cover and the rest of this home !
I love everything white. Jeffrey loves everything wood. Right now, my belongings are still in storage from my house that I sold in Cape Breton a while back.

I am going to learn a bit more about etching this winter. My landlord and neighbor, John Lochtefeld is going to let me work with him in his studio so I can learn all of the fine details and make some prints to sell this summer. In this latest issue of Country Living, there is a wonderful article on Andrew Davidson who is a wood engraver.
He gets such detail!
Then there are some articles on craft projects.....
and some colorful interiors.

Just what I like to do on a wintry Sunday! Stay cozy! :)

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