Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nantucket Mermaid Calendar

It's coming along. I hope to have some done for the weekend.
The Daffodil Festival is coming to town! :)
Here is a lovely link!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hand Painted Cake Cover

Hello! This is a metal cake cover that I painted.It sits on a cut glass plate which I may change.

It has a ceramic knob on the top that I painted and fired. Yellow is such a Spring color and it is one of my favorites.

Then something possessed me to do all of these dots....................
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rosy Box

Here is a lovely link!
Thanks for looking...:)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nantucket Mermaid Calendar For 2014

Whoop tee doo  :):)
I finished the 2014 Nantucket Mermaid Calendar!
Well, kind of. I still have to color it in and print it and wire bind it, but the hard part is done!
This is November.
I put my Maggie Meredith painting in it.

And this is October.
The calendar will be 7 x 11 inches and in full color.
I am also making 5 x 7 cards out of the images from the calendar....12 new cards!
Now to get coloring!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wallpaper Boxes

Hello! I love painting these papier mache boxes.
Next year I will get some of these patterns made into wallpaper and fabric.

Wouldn't you love a sofa covered in this pattern?

Blue and white is always popular. My Dutch side coming out.  :)
Off to the studio to get some orders finished!
And maybe another box or two....:)
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Monday, April 8, 2013

More Peeps From Nantucket

I couldn't help myself.
I had to make more peeps.

We'll call her Birdy.

I actually know a gal named Birdy. Her real name!
Tweet! Tweet!

Another Liberty Of London dress fabric creation.
With her dandy striped tights.

I was lucky to find this mix of colors in my stash.

You should see the mess I make of my studio when I make these.

I found some mohair doll hair at the thrift shop.


I name them to make it easier for Peeps to buy my Peeps  :):)

Laura Ashley fabric from an old dress that I used to wear everyday.


Glitter slippers.

The last of the pink vintage velvet stash.

Queen Zaa Zaa
The beads are from a flea market in NYC.
The woman had baggies full of mis matched earrings and jewelry.
Perfect for my Peeps.

Pink glitter slippers and vintage lace to end the show.
Thanks for looking!
It's Spring in full force today on the Island
30 miles out to sea.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rosy Clock

I couldn't sleep past 4:15 this morning so I got up and painted a clock.

7 more to go  :)
Here is a lovely link!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Peeps

Hello,my Peeps. I made these 12 sachet dolls and it was fun. 
This is number 1.
Pretty In Pink.

This is a long post, too.  :)

This is number 2.
I didn't conscientiously try to make her look like Grace Coddington, but it just so happens she looks like the bookcover, so Grace she be.
Well, she doesn't have red hair either, but we'll get back to that.


Here is peep number 3.
Butterfly Sister.

I drew her wings on stiff paper and colored them in with colored pencils.

Glittery shoes complete her ensemble.

Peep number 4.
Vintage Queen.

I had this beautiful blue vintage fabric with red roses that I love.
And a piece of vintage lace for her waist and crown.

And red glitter shoes.

Peep number 5.
Liberty  Love.

Liberty of London fabric from an old dress topped with vintage lace.
Purple slippers.

Peep number 6.
Because the silk shirt that I found at the thrift shop is from Brooks Brothers.

Like my pal Lincoln.

Pretty. I am lucky to have a (dwindling) vintage lace collection.

Peep number 7.
I used a vintage embroidered linen hankie for her skirt.
And it's PURPLE! Love it with cobalt blue shoes.

Peep number 8.
Queen Butterfly.

More vintage fabric and lace.

Sparkly slippers.

Peep number 9.
(Number 9....remember that Beatles thing?)
so let's call her Number 9 after Revolution 9.

She would make a great brides maid gift or Wedding gift because she is all in white.

And remember that all of these Peeps are filled with lavender, so they smell dreamy!
Fun to look at with a purpose. :)

Peep number 10.
She is ready for early Spring. Still a wee bit chilly here.

She almost looks like a Gundrun Sjoden model.

Peep number 11.
Getting back to "Grace".
Shall we name her Grace 2?
OK   :)
She has got a hand painted linen top on that I made out of a vintage table cloth
and her skirt is  too!

Red shoes.
To go dancing in.  :)

Yippee yi yay!
Peep number 12.
Dogwood Darling.

More vintage fabric and a little vintage cameo.

And pale blue shoes.
That does it!
Thanks so much for looking and I will put some of my peeps up for sale in the Etsy shop soon!