Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hand Painted Children's Chair

I am finally getting some chairs painted for the shop.I love the style of this chair.

I painted it with whales and vines and dots.
It's painted with acrylic paint and has 3 coats of non toxic water based varnish on it.It took a while to paint....chairs always do.

There is a little ship sailing out to sea.
Sankaty Light house, the rainbow fleet and a happy whale on the back.

Today I will paint another! Thanks for looking....:)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Shop Tour

Welcome to my shop and studio on 4 Fair Street in Nantucket.  I'd love to paint the door white but my Landlord likes it red. :)
This is looking to the left after you walk in.

The glass shelf is loaded with painted shells.

To the right is a glass jewelry case that I made from some picture frames, wood and finials for the feet.

More of the glass shelf....pottery on the second teir and t shirts on the bottom.

This is what you would see if you were standing right in the doorway.

There is the counter again with all of the flowers I pick on my daily walk around town:):)

This is a hutch that I use to store all of my bits and bobs.

Here is a favorite nook for an assortment of flowers and a Mermaid shadow box.

Another view.

This is actually part of the kitchen, but I screen the kitchen part off and use the dining area for display.

Some clocks made from wooden and ceramic plates.

This is my view from my wee work area.

Lavender sachets.

Boxes are under the counter.

More rocks and shells.

Here are some salt cellars with handmade spoons.

My jewelry section.

Hand painted stools and chairs.

This is another hutch filled mostly with pottery and my butterfly shadowbox.

More rocks.

Some mugs and a teapot.

This is my gallery in the dining area.

Here are some painted horse vases.

More .....

Picture frames.

More shells.....

The whale bathroom set.

Another view of the flower nook on a different day.
And finally, here's where it all happens, if you can believe it! That wee table is my studio. Thanks for looking and I hope that you will visit sometime! :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Hand Painted Wonderland

Here is that cup that matches the soap dish and toothbrush holder.It can also be used as a vase!
And here is a new design on a square box . Bigger flowers and butterflies.

How about some pirate ornaments, matey? I got them from Current Vintage after a champagne tasting.My Dad gave me the idea to paint them, since I paint everything else! And it's a nice way to recycle.
Thanks for looking and have a nice weekend!CHEERS!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More Ceramics and Such

A new toothbrush holder with the beloved whale motif, and a matching soap dish.

I have a drinking cup that matches, but I have to fire that tonight.:)
Here are two more of those new mugs that I am painting.

And here is a nice link. Thanks for looking!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Ceramic Buttons For Rings

These came out great! They are from a set of molds that I presses earthenware clay into and then glazed  and fired in my kiln. I'll use them as cabochons for my rings and bracelets.
Here is a lovely link.....Happy Monday!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

More Hand Painted Mugs

This is a whale cup.Customers have been asking for a bathroom set, so now I've come up with a cup, soap dish and toothbrush holder. Although one could use these cups for daily use. That's what I'm having my juice in every morning! They are about 4 inches high.

More mugs. I love this size. Roses with pale pink stripes.....

Violets, roses and forget-me-nots.......

Another whale with roses and stripes.....

and a simple rose and lily of the valley.Thanks for looking! :) Come for a visit on 4 Fair Street if you are wandering about.