Friday, January 7, 2011

More Colorfulness

The red and the yellow frames....FINISHED!

And I like them.
How about a yellow teapot with black designs? Onward.....And here is a LINK! And ANOTHER!


Marnie said...

love the new color pallete - the black is a great contrast. happy new year. enjoy the short days of winter.

Liz Hager said...

Thanks for linking to Venetian Red; Dagobert Peche (and indeed all of the Wiener Werkst├Ątte) were fabulous designers. Their unique aesthetic has withstood the test of time. Maybe your readers would be interested in the entire article with additional examples of his work > Dagobert Pechne: Genius of Ornament

By the way, I have many fond memories of Nantucket. Some of my family has been living on the island for decades!

Best of luck with your work/store.