Tuesday, October 30, 2012


A New ornament. I made a bunch of these today. I got a slew of buttons one Christmas from the lovely Wendy, the proprietress at Nantucket Bookworks and Mitchell's.

Life goes on. We had it pretty easy here in Nantucket, even with the flooding. Our hearts go out to the areas that were hit so hard. Stay safe, help your neighbors, and know we will get past all of this. Sending good will to everybody in need. xo

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Nantucket Part Two

Jeffrey and I went around to some of the beaches on the Island to see what was going on. It is verrrry winddddy. Here we are at Tom Nevers Beach. We saw a seal surfing! He (or she) looked like they were having a good time.

WOW! (Photo by Erin Dancik) Surf's up!
Looks like the Gazebo by Provisions and Captain Tobey's is flooded.(Photo by Lisa Hood.) 
Hulbert Ave. Near the Brant Point Lighthouse.

YIKES! It truly is WATER Street.

The Dreamland is on the right. Looking at the harbor on Easy Street.(photos by Mai Linh Norton)

WOW again..The Easy Street Cantina, Stubby's, Youngs..the "Strip" all flooded. Where's the sidewalk? The Steamship Authority would be behind you if you were looking at this picture. And it's only around 2PM.(Photo  by Angela Raynor)
 Here are some great pictures from town on Easy Street taken by Darcy Creech (Peter Beaton Studio )  HERE is another link to the Inky where people are sending in their photos. Cod Fish Park in Sconset starting to flood. 
Stay safe everyone!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy On Nantucket

Well, another hurricane, another shell. It can be daunting for those visitors that get stuck on the Island during a hurricane, so I make these souvenirs for those that brave the storm.

You may think that I am a bit of a capitolist pig...OINK!  :)
But it's like this....Stay safe everyone! I will be reporting on the events as they unfold!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Flower Pinning

I'm back into pinning now that things have slowed down...A BIT! These are from my Flowers Board.

Such inspiration! I used to save inspirational pictures in my Photoshop files and then ye ole computer crashed! My Sister told me about PINNING!

Love it!

This is one of the most popular images that I have pinned. It is like reading a magazine....with no words. (always just look at the pictures anyway) :):)
Photo credits: HERE,     HERE..... HERE  ....and HERE!

Mermaids And Rocks

A big rock in the shop!

And one with a mermaid on it.

I also have a lovely stash of mirrors for gift giving at Holiday time.

Come on by! It's the calm before the storm......:) Do you see how on the map, Nantucket is the only part on the coast NOT in red?  I wonder if it will miss us! :):)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mermaid Ornaments

These are some sea scallop shells that I have painted for Christmas ornaments.

They measure about 4 inches round.
My friend, Karen sends me the shells from Cape Cod as we only get the succulent bay scallops here on Nantucket.

These shells are so pretty and a pleasure to paint!

Thank you , Karen!

Here are some on display in the shop! They are $16.00 each plus shipping, and I will post them soon in the Etsy shop or you can give me a call at 508-332-9829 and order direct. :):)Thanks for looking!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I am on vacation for a week . On Tuesday, I went to Little Compton Rhode Island. This is Briggs Beach. There were a lot of surfers out on this beautiful fall day!

I wasn't there to surf. I had other intentions :):)

A beach full of ROCKS!
I got Marty a pumpkin at Walker's Roadside Farm Stand. It has a little bakery, and all sorts of honey, berries, salsa and the like.
Then onto Mom and Dad's.
Mom makes beautiful flower arrangements from the hydreageas on their property. She is a great decorator as well!

Lovely! I spent all day putting their gardens to bed.
We took what was left of the garden flowers and made a nice center piece arrangement.
She made a garden salad from Provider Farm where they have a  CSA. Look at those georgous watermelon radishes and cauliflower!

Thanks Mom and Dad for a wonderful vacation! YUM!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Beautiful Bonnets

I would love to create some beautiful bonnets for the shop next year. 
 I found these images HERE
I love all of these patterns!

If you like bonnets, HERE is a chapeau pin board that is so lovely!

 have a nice pin board of bonnets myself! You can see them HERE!

And what a lovely room to display them in. Thanks for looking!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Hand Painted Picture Frames For Boys

Hello and Happy Friday! 
I have a few ceramic boxes up for sale at the Etsy Shop.
Here are some picture frames that I painted for a boy's room. I'll have to include more of them in the shop! ....Here is a nice link. :):) Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pretty Floral Boxes

More boxes coming your way. These are 4 inches round by 1.5 inches high. They cost 24.00 and will be in the Etsy shop SOON!

Thanks for looking! I'm off to Fair Street to PAINT:):)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

End Of The Summer

Columbus Day Weekend signals the end of the Summer season here in Nantucket. It was a busy weekend with a lot of people stopping by the Farmers Market and shop!

Here are some of the things that I was working on this weekend. A clock made out of a wooden plate.( It still needs the clock parts attached.)

Molly came by and bought these!

Here is a jewelry box that is still in the works.

She is one of my favorite mermaids.:)

We picked some flowers and herbs from the garden. Still a few lingering!

New for  Springtime will be an assortment of lamps that I will fashion out of vases. This is a small one ....almost finished!
Thank you to everyone who stopped by the market and the shop this year. You helped make it a successful Summer!Don't forget to stay in touch :):)     Now onto the Holidays!