Monday, January 12, 2009

Textile designing

By now everybody has heard about Spoonflower....the site that prints your very own designs onto 100% cotton fabric...It's time to get cracking! I already have some designs that I'd like to print here, and my new blogger friend, Tamar, has a wonderful Auntie who's wonderful book I have just ordered for myself here. If you search around her site, she has some of it's contents posted, but I forget which month I saw it in! Here are three more posts I did about textiles...Here and here...and here
An old design I did on a pine box with pen and colored pencils....I'll re- do it and see what I come up with for fabric....

I love this color combo and I really would like a smeg someday! Happy designing! xo

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Marnie said...

you and corine from hidden in france love smegs - me too - imagine that blast of color everyday!

i think the design on the pine box with pen and colored pencils would be a perfect fabric for my frames. keep me posted. great idea about the fabric