Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Russian Textile Design

I got the book! Here are some inside shots....
very controlled paisley designs.....

Tiny wonder flowers....alot of the designs are on red backgrounds....or.....

Pink! My favorite color....It also has a great history of textile design and merchants....big men dresses in floral quilts...nice to see!...Author Susan Meller has a web site called "The Design Library" . She is also co- author of "Textile Designs" with Joost Elffers ( the guy that writes those big fat astrology/relationship books that everyone who comes in the Bookstore looks at but dosen't buy and the food books that kids love...who whould have known?) You can get the book here....
Cheerio! xo

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Fairwood Haven said...

Hi Jeanne --
So great that you got the "Russian Textile" Book - I know you'll find it so Inspiring-!

Also - Thanks so much for the Compliments on my Art and Blog -!
And for the Link to "Spoonfower". (I plan to have a sample printed there soon.)

Your Blog is Delightful -!
Your Artwork most Charming -!
I've always been fascinated with Mermaids too-!