Monday, June 9, 2008

Textiles of the wiener werkstatte

I was searching for my summer cloths that I stowed away in Honey's basement...They are in a box holding up one of the tables in my studio. So I had to take down all the bookshelves on top of the table to get to the box with the summer cloths...We are having a heatwave here on the East Coast, although it isn't too bad being 30 miles out to sea... I just take a bunch of showers or jump in the ocean, but....I do need the summer attire. At any rate, I found my Wiener Werkstatte textile book that I thought I had left in Canada more textile and wallpaper inspiration coming my way...and yours! Because one of these days, I'll finish painting my last two wallpaper designs and more will be a coming.....So here's a few designs that I like....If you'd like the book, you can get it here...

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