Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Newness In The New Year

I am starting to paint furniture again.
It is difficult to feature it here on the Island because my shop is so tiny.
I have been painting small pieces.
And I painted the floor in the kitchen nook last year that was inspired
 by an Anthropologie photo shoot in Sweden.

I have been collecting more inspiration on my pinterest board,
 "Painted Furniture"
I will be sending off information to 
decorators on and off the Island.
I found this image HERE.
I hope to focus on Children's rooms which include
murals and reproduced paintings  as well as furniture.

I love this Josef Frank design.
I am working on some nifty Valentine's Day
 things for the online shop.
Stay tuned!
(Beautiful painted heart door found HERE.

1 comment:

Paper rainbow said...

Your painted chair is a delight! I too love those amazing painted doors. The flowers remind me of the French mille-fleur tapestries which I adore.