Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My House

I thought I'd show you some of  my house.
I took the pictures in natural sunlight.
They aren't as bright as it is in the house!
I should take a photo course someday :)

First there is the clock that I painted in the kitchen.

Roses, leaves and tons of dots.

This is the corner by my desk.
Gorgeous handmade paper flowers

I moved the hutch that was in my shop to my "office" room.
I have some of my favorite pieces on top...
an old hand painted teapot given to me by old friends,
a vintage casserole dish for my stamp collection,
a John Derian hand painted bucket....yes, he used to paint
 and I wish he would again!
Then there is a favorite box that I painted and a Julie Whitmore mug.
I love her things!
I found the primitive folk art painting
 at the flea market in Connecticut when I lived there.
It says "for my beloved wife" on the back :):)

More of that corner by my desk full of inspiration!
The cottage was painted this sunny yellow color
 and originally we were going to paint it all white,
but we've come to like the yellow happiness!

Some of my dolls are awaiting a new home in the other corner.

"Floating Flowers" painted in 1994.
This is our sunny entrance way.
The plants love it!

All of my collections on my bureau and the ledge.

A Cath Kidston covered ironing board 
against the yellow wall :)
Thanks for looking!

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Paper rainbow said...

What a beautiful and bright house, love your flower painting and the bright yellow walls :)