Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Swedish Folk Art Hand Painted Floor

This is a lovely photo from the holiday issue of Anthropologie.
I decided to paint our forlorn kitchen floor in the studio/shop with the Swedish Folk Art design in the background.

I started out with the pale grey base coat over the linoleum.

I liked the fact that it dried unevenly. Just the way I wanted it!

Let the fun begin!

This is a new style for me so it took a little longer.

I edited the design as well.

I love the results!

Let me tell you that I was SO GLAD when I finished! YAY!

20 hours later.Voila! I started to put the antique finish on as in the picture by mixing paste wax and black and brown paint, but I found it to be too dirty looking for this space, so I decided to
 put 2 coats of clear paste wax on it for a nice finish.
Thanks for looking!


natalie jo said...

What a brilliant idea and fantastic job! It looks beautiful!!!
natalie jo

Jamie said...

It is fantastic! Would love to try something like that! You are so creative! Jamie V in MT

viv sliwka said...

Stunning! no other words to describe such a beautiful and exquisite floor. You are so very talented.

Nantucket Mermaid said...

Thank you for your nice comments!
I love your blogs and all of the creative things that you make! :)