Saturday, January 11, 2014


I un decorated my tree from the Festival of trees.
I didn't do a post this year on it
so here is a little surprise!

Some of the dolls that I made for it are now
 available in my online shop!

I don't use them just for ornaments.

I like to have them "hanging around" to keep me company all year long!

I made them out of papier m√Ęche clay.

Then I added vintage and other little accents to
doll them up :)

Here is Light House Doll with her shell mini skirt.

Groovy yellow boots.

Ta da!


Some of you saw my mermaid dolls and asked to purchase them
 after I took down the tree.

Here are a few!

I have 6 in all, and I will post the others this weekend.
This one is in my Etsy Mermaid shop.

Nice glittery tails.

She is holding the "The Old Mill", 
the oldest functioning mill in the country!

A fine mermaid to keep you company.

This pretty mermaid  is holding Brant Point Light House.


This Chic chick has a nice little Nantucket souvenir.
A happy reminder of your trip to the Island.

Thanks for looking!
What's next?

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Paper rainbow said...

Your paper mache dolls are just fabulous! that shell mini skirt is to die for! It is so hard to choose a favourite, are the dolls legs made of paper mache too? I am wowed at how fantastic they look.