Friday, November 8, 2013

Peep Show

Hello my friends.
How about another Peep show?
It will start with Charlotte.
The same Charlotte we all know and love here on Nantucket :)

This time, she is knitting a bird.

Very nice, Charlotte.
 Can't wait to see what creation she will make with it!

This is Colleen.
She thinks she is a leprechaun.

She is cute,no?

For her, every day is St. Paddy's Day.

Greta God Jul.

God Jul = Merry Christmas!

Even the tree is Nordic white. :)

Pinky The Elf.

Acorn hat and all.

She is ready to party!

Polly Purple.

So very sweet.

A beautiful crown.....

and lots of jewels.
Tabitha Tea.

Because she is holding a tea cup.

A pretty little one!

This is Queenie and she 
is not holding anything
because she is the Queen!
A pretty sexy one at that!

Swinging those hips.

Bonnie Blue Flower.

Blue flowers and buttons.

I made her hair from Alpaca roving.


because she has a bunny nesting in her hair.

And a baguette to nibble on.
Thanks for letting me indulge in
Stop by again for more.
I have 10 more Peeps 
for the next Peep show!

1 comment:

Paper rainbow said...

So adorable!! Pinky the elf is my favourite although it is hard to choose!