Monday, April 8, 2013

More Peeps From Nantucket

I couldn't help myself.
I had to make more peeps.

We'll call her Birdy.

I actually know a gal named Birdy. Her real name!
Tweet! Tweet!

Another Liberty Of London dress fabric creation.
With her dandy striped tights.

I was lucky to find this mix of colors in my stash.

You should see the mess I make of my studio when I make these.

I found some mohair doll hair at the thrift shop.


I name them to make it easier for Peeps to buy my Peeps  :):)

Laura Ashley fabric from an old dress that I used to wear everyday.


Glitter slippers.

The last of the pink vintage velvet stash.

Queen Zaa Zaa
The beads are from a flea market in NYC.
The woman had baggies full of mis matched earrings and jewelry.
Perfect for my Peeps.

Pink glitter slippers and vintage lace to end the show.
Thanks for looking!
It's Spring in full force today on the Island
30 miles out to sea.

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