Friday, August 16, 2013

Sachet Dolls

Good morning!
A quick post about my new Peeps all going to live at Scrub Oak today.

I will have to make a batch for my shop:):)

Miss Fancy Pants.

The Deer One

Sparkly antlers and all.

She is wearing a wonderful vintage cameo.

Miss Fluff

Here is her wee face peeking out.

holding a strand of butterfly cutouts.

Miss Matey

She has got her sailboat cut outs.


Nantucket Woman

With her lightship basket all filled with hydrangeas!

Miss Tea Time.

I kept her:)  
(Sorry, Sarah!)

She is so pretty!

Last but certainly not least is Charlotte.

Charlotte walks around town knitting .

And she has a big bundle of hair.
Good bye, Peeps!

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