Monday, April 1, 2013

Nantucket Wedding Prettiness at Etsy

The best thing about Easter is that I can get my Sons to teach
me new things on photoshop.
 So I learned how to make the collage above. YAY

I think Spring and weddings are in the air...So many pretty things on Etsy!
First up is a beautiful crocheted shawl/scarf for a cool night under the tent.
You can get the patAccessorise.

tern and lots of other pretty things  from
 Pretty cream lace cuffs with delicate pink ribbon from call me mimi.
 A rose surprise awaits you when you open this purse. From lost in time inc.
 Cake topper sweetness from together forever.               
  For the flower girl, some floral jewelry from Nest Pretty Brides.
  And finally, some dandy decorations for your wedding venue from deco pom poms.
  Happy Spring and Happy Weddings!
  Thanks Marty and Paul!

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