Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gudrun Sjoden

I just got back from  the Printsource show in New York City. It is always so inspirational, although I wish that there were  more designers doing hand painted designs instead of computer generated. While I was waiting for the train home, I grabbed a copy of the new British Country Living and sat down with the bunch of roses that I picked up for Mom,a rose macaron from Ladruee, and a glass of wine...I guess it should have been rose! Inside the Country Living was a wonderful article on Gudrun Sjoden.

Here are some of her clothing designs.
She really uses color so well.I think I'll try a bit more this year in my designs.

I love her patterns and how she mixes things.
Here she is , working away! :)

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Marie said...

How nice of you to promote a talented Swedish designer on your blog!
~ Marie