Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Floral Ceramic Boxes

I am liking these boxes........ I hand painted them and glazed them and fired them up in the kiln.

they are about 4 inches round.
I did some new floral designs, because we all love flowers!

I love YELLOW! so cheery :)

I am re- doing the shop...again. We are moving the check out counter to the kitchen and opening more space in the shop.I am going to paint the kitchen floor with some pretty floral designs and I  will be adding some hand painted ceramic lamps, new boxes of all sizes, lady sachets, lots of beautiful hand made Mermaid vases and MORE!Whoo Hoo! Thanks for looking!

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viv sliwka said...

Oh so very pretty, really, really lovely. You are so talented.

A good change around is always exciting, and does one the world of good. x