Monday, December 17, 2012

Whale and Mermaid Boxes

Here are some new boxes at the shop on 4 Fair Street.

Whales and Mermaids are big sellers, although I love painting other things.

I am thinking about what I want to create in 2013.This post is getting me about you?

Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays! :):)


LaLa said...
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LaLa said...

Did I miss the calendars this year!?

Nantucket Mermaid said...

Hi LaLa...I missed it this year! I have had a wonderfully busy year but I couldn't finish my 2013 calendar. I didn't realize how many people wanted it! The 2014 will be ready by Spring and we will get back on track...13 being a spooky number....good excuse!
E mail me with your address and I will send you a complementary one for 2014.
Happy Holidays!