Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pinning Into The New Year

I am happily on a wee vacation and will be on Pinterest  throughout the New Year. I get a lot of inspiration for next year's creations. Loving these pins by Mickey Wolters

More beauty from Les Gouts & Les Couleurs.
This little set is the cutest! Found at Takae Mizutani and Sons

A simple and clever use of washi tape for wrapping taffy. :)

They look like Spirograph cupcakes! I got a Spirograph for Christmas one year....loved it! These cupcakes are fantastic...:)  by Lori Jo Hernandez

This is what I will be eating next year. More salads and plant based food. I just like to look at the cupcakes:):)
Beautiful photography from Cannelle et Vanille

I had posted these boots from Doc Marten. My Sons got them for me for Christmas....YAY!

My favorite magazine....I will receive a year long subscription....from Mom and Dad xoxo

I've been pining for one of these...(not pinning!)
Thank you ,Jeffrey! :):)
Thanks for looking.
 Next up are New Year's resolutions.
So 4 more days of eating Mom's cookies!
Munch on......

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