Monday, December 31, 2012

These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things

Hello there. We moved our residence last month closer to town. Just 1.2  miles from the shop!So I have been unpacking now that I have closed the shop for a bit. It is quiet on Nantucket.
Here are a few of my favorite things. I love this round box that I got from Bell'iocchio. The dots are actually perforated and add an interesting touch . On my desk in the sunroom.

These wee gals sipping tea make me happy, so they are on the window sill over the sink so I can view them daily and regularly. :):)

And here are their friends! They are also on the windowsill. There's a teaparty going on but this one is a positively happy one!I got these in Vermont somewhere up near Lake Willoughby.( Thanks Mary Kaye for taking me to the shop!) 

Big ,beautiful heart rocks found on Cape Breton Island walking the bluff in Margaree.Up in the bedroom on the windowsill.

A lovely salt cellar found somewhere.

I filled it with some seashell buttons and have it on my desk.
Two super favorite things...a  sweet pair of ceramic shoes on a sweet hand painted saucer. On my desk where I can see them everyday for inspiration and happiness! 

Here is a picture of Sophie, our 17 year old Carin Terrior who passed away this Summer. I cut some of her hair and made a little felted Sophie dog to accompany her picture. On the windowsill in front of my laptop with pictures of the Boys.:):)

Do you remember that wreath in the shop that was hanging on the hutch? Keeping it in the sun room! And the hutch too...(.re-decorating the shop)

An exquisite perfume bottle from Provincetown that I picked up when I was 14 years old on one of our yearly visits to some of the most intriguing shops that I have ever been to in the early 70's. Isn't that label a beauty? This has been sitting by my bedside for years!  
Thanks for looking. I wish for you a happy and wonderful New Year. Stay safe and happy.

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