Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nantucket Festival Of Wreaths

Every year I donate a wreath to the Whaling Museum for the Festival of Wreaths.

Here is my wreath this year. I got a nice fat rope and attached it to a wooden wreath form. Then I added some greens. I got some vintage tinsel from Milly and Grace and put that on the inside edge.A sultry mermaid on one side.

I made her out of papier mache clay.

Then I added some embellishments :)

Then I made a Nantucket pirate for the other side. He is holding an anchor.He looks a little like a chipmunk with it's mouth full of food...Cute!  He's a cute  Nantucket pirate!

Styling with those fancy whale pants for the holidays.

Here is the completed wreath with a whale on the bottom spouting season's greetings your way!


Marie said...

The wreath is so beautiful, I love it!!

Nantucket Mermaid said...

Thanks, Marie. I wonder how much it will go for at the silent auction! :)