Friday, September 3, 2010

Hurricane Earl Nantucket

Here is the behind the scenes update on the hurricane.
Jeffrey gave me the idea to make some Hurricane Earl shells to sell at the Farmer's Market....yes, it's still on!
I've already sold some today!
Scallops and hydrangea blowing around and the Mermaid holding a banner that reads..."September 3-4 2010". They should be a hit with all of us who stay up all night with the storm!
We parked our cars along with our neighbors on the street where there are no trees.
We stocked up on the essentials.
This is how it looked this morning at 10:00 AM across the street from the shop.
We took our signs down.
Town was busy! Most of the Main Street shops boarded up their windows.
Look at all of that traffic!
The Looms waited until the end of the day to put up their plywood protection.
I love the statue looking up at the sky....this is vis a vis and the Cavalier Gallery.
Murray's taped their windows.
I just put my Hurricane Earl shells in the window with butterflies flying around.
Who's your Mermaid?
So far, at 7:55 pm, nothing much is happening. A bit of wind, a spattering of rain. Jeffrey went down to the ocean which is about 2 miles away and he said the waves were HUGE! So I will keep you posted! Stay safe....this is Nantucket Mermaid reporting from Hurricane Central, Nantucket, Massachusetts!:):)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. I was in your shop the other day. Think I need one of those great shells! I am just off of Fair and am noticing right now at 8:10, things are beginning to pick-up. Be well. And thank you for the updates.

Knicky Knacks said...

Goodness - that sounds a bit dire! I hope you will all be safe and unscathed by morning. Let's hope your gorgeous window display remains in-tact. Good luck!

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Sigh... I can't think of a place I'd rather be stuck in during a hurricane than beautiful Nantucket ♥ Seeing these pictures just reminded me of how much I miss it!
The hurricane shells are such a cute idea- I want one!! :)

Marnie said...

quite a build up - and then fizzle - but better than lots of damage... hope the fine weather is blowing in ... quite the hot summer for Nantucket... there is an ice cream store in wilton and the former owner charted the daily temperature and daily sales... do you think the hot, hot, hot weather helped this summer or kept people out of town?

natalie jo said...

Many thanks to the Nantucket Mermaid for such insightful are by far the most delightful correspondent of all time!

Nantucket Mermaid said...

I am glad that there was no significant damage and the weather since has been lovely!Marnie, I think there were a lot more people here this summer because of the weather and maybe the shops didn't get as much business because everyone was at the beach...but I sure as heck was busy!Hope your summer's went well and looking forward to a wonderful fall season! Cheers all!