Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Nantucket Part Two

Jeffrey and I went around to some of the beaches on the Island to see what was going on. It is verrrry winddddy. Here we are at Tom Nevers Beach. We saw a seal surfing! He (or she) looked like they were having a good time.

WOW! (Photo by Erin Dancik) Surf's up!
Looks like the Gazebo by Provisions and Captain Tobey's is flooded.(Photo by Lisa Hood.) 
Hulbert Ave. Near the Brant Point Lighthouse.

YIKES! It truly is WATER Street.

The Dreamland is on the right. Looking at the harbor on Easy Street.(photos by Mai Linh Norton)

WOW again..The Easy Street Cantina, Stubby's, Youngs..the "Strip" all flooded. Where's the sidewalk? The Steamship Authority would be behind you if you were looking at this picture. And it's only around 2PM.(Photo  by Angela Raynor)
 Here are some great pictures from town on Easy Street taken by Darcy Creech (Peter Beaton Studio )  HERE is another link to the Inky where people are sending in their photos. Cod Fish Park in Sconset starting to flood. 
Stay safe everyone!

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