Sunday, October 21, 2012


I am on vacation for a week . On Tuesday, I went to Little Compton Rhode Island. This is Briggs Beach. There were a lot of surfers out on this beautiful fall day!

I wasn't there to surf. I had other intentions :):)

A beach full of ROCKS!
I got Marty a pumpkin at Walker's Roadside Farm Stand. It has a little bakery, and all sorts of honey, berries, salsa and the like.
Then onto Mom and Dad's.
Mom makes beautiful flower arrangements from the hydreageas on their property. She is a great decorator as well!

Lovely! I spent all day putting their gardens to bed.
We took what was left of the garden flowers and made a nice center piece arrangement.
She made a garden salad from Provider Farm where they have a  CSA. Look at those georgous watermelon radishes and cauliflower!

Thanks Mom and Dad for a wonderful vacation! YUM!

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