Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Valentine's Day Heart Boxes

More stuff....A wee stool that can be used for a child to stand on or for a table to add an extra surface .

It has a lot going on...

And it is in the Etsy shop!

I made a whale box...the same size as the boxes I posted previously.

I left a space to personalize with a name or date, or I can fill it in with ships and waves.

Something for the fellas....fill it with cookies, candy or chocolate!
This is one of my favorite things in the shop....an old design, but I love it on this 9 -3/4 inch x 9 inch x  1- 1/2 inches. 

You can fill mine with Laduree rose macaroons, please.

The inside.....

Thanks for looking and have a dandy day! :)

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LolaDee said...

Beautiful work and lovely blog :) I spent a summer on Nantucket in 2009 and will be returning this summer. Cannot wait. What an inspiring place xo