Friday, January 6, 2012

Love Is In The Air

Hello hello! Love is in the air, so I made another wedding cake topper just in time for Valentine's Day.

He is dressed in vintage blue cotton made from a little hand towel.She is dressed in vintage layered lace pieces that I have boxes and boxes of.

He has his Liberty of London tie on for the occasion. Lots of butterflies are attending.

They are holding a wee heart cut-out.

Holding hands.

I lined the bottom of the stand with velvet flowers.

You can see a bit of her naughtiness with the pink striped stockings.

In love....

And in the shop... Go and take a peek! Thanks for looking.....:)


Everyday Gourmet said...

Jean Bean...I'm loving it!!! <3

Linda at Sand and Sea said...

Tender and sweet - somehow, I'm thinking, "Downton Abbey"!

Happy 2012-

Sand and Sea
(aka beachside cottage)