Thursday, June 23, 2011

Little Hand Painted Chair

I haven't quite finished this chair, but it's almost done.
A chair for a little person.
I like to use them for little bedside tables, too! Lots of butterflies!
I use my transfers for the butterflies and paint the rest by hand.
A little oval to put a special name.
I can do it while you wait!
I started the sides...have to cover every square inch!
This is the underside of the seat.
And the top again. I will be getting different styles of children's chairs coming soon....
I can't wait!
Thanks for looking and contact me at or at 508-332-9829 if you need any info on anything on my blog! Back to the studio! :):)

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Anonymous said...

Sweet Chair - how lovely and beautiful!!!

Happy Fourth of July (am one of your followers - down here in South Florida)

Best Wishes,