Thursday, November 4, 2010

Speaking Of Tea Party......

How about a nice lovely teapot for your next tea party? I love this shape!
My earthquake picture...just makes things look fun.
I've been making these with birds and flowers on them.
Another hand made item. This glaze is called Majolica and I really like it. It makes the pottery a bright white. I don't use the traditional tin glaze. I'm a modern gal.

You can see the difference. This platter is painted with regular underglazes and then 3 coats of clear overglaze is applied.
Then I fire it in the kiln.
It came out well! YAY!

Here is a soap dish with a plain design.
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Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I'm in love with that teapot!

P.S.- Did you ever send out that adorable shell? I'm just checking in case it got lost in the mail or something. If you haven't yet, it's no rush at all! ♥

cg said...

Your delicately and decisively painted pottery pieces are a joy to behold- nobody but you could have made them! I'm so pleased to be able to see even more of what you do-
It's inspirational!
Hope this November finds you well...
and thanks so much for checking in on my blog, Jeanne!