Saturday, November 20, 2010

Come On Down!

Or visit here on the internet if you are off Island. You can always call me if you see anything you may want. 508-332-9829. Here is the Yesterday's Island ad. Ho! Ho! Ho!
I advertised in "N" Magazine, too.
They have a gift section, and I put the ever popular whale picture frame in it. The frame can be personalized with a special name or date. It only takes 7 minutes....while you wait!4 x 6 is $28.00 and the 3.5 x 5 is $26.00
Here is the Nantucket Mermaid Calendar as advertised in the Inquirer and Mirror gift supplement. It is $16.00.
And here is the ad!
I hope you will visit if you are here for Stroll. If not, call me at 508-332-9829, email me at, or visit my etsy shop for all of your mermaid needs.
xo :)

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