Friday, November 19, 2010

Holiday Extravaganza

I have been working away getting ready for the holiday season. Driftaway soap just delivered 60 bars of mermaid soap. I packaged it all this morning. Half goes to the Christmas Stroll Craft Show and half to the Shop.
It took a while to package, but it was a delight to smell all of that goodness!

Sea salt and kelp. About 1 inch thick by 2.5 inches long....wee bars.They cost $4.50 each.
And a bunch of other good things....yum! Thanks, Chris!
Here is one of the soap dishes I have in the shop. They cost 22.00 each and are about 5.5 inches round.
Stripes on the sides.
I love oysters and I love the shells. I wanted to make something elegant...just a bit of glitter and lettering.Christy brought me these to work on, and that's what I came up with.Only $5.00.
My new ornament...a Nantucket Lightship Basket.$12.00
I have posted this ornament before....I made it out of a formica floor sample. Love to recycle! It comes with "Nantucket" written on it.....
or without! It is $12.00.
A 5 x 7 pink Happy Birthday card....$5.00. I put a silk flower with a vintage button in the middle on it for your delight :)
A big lavender sachet....$24.00. I have small ones, too for $15.00.
The happy mermaid design with hand painted flowers.
WOW! Tissue box love! This one is adorned with butterflies and flowers. $45.00.

This is the side of another tissue box.
It has the lightship basket on it.
There is the top.
It just slips over a box of tissues. Grand!
Oh is a photo of the finished wreath for the Festival of Wreaths! Thanks for looking! More to come.....Cherrio! :)

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