Friday, September 3, 2010

The Move

The move to Brooklyn from Providence went well. This is Paul and Allie's old loft space in Pawtucket. I loved it!
Beautiful light and 2 floors of space.

The end of packing and cleaning....
Whew! Saying goodbye with Allie's Dad in the background
There is the wee garden that they created in the back of the building.
Still some tomatoes left !
Goodbye garden!

Down the stone bordered path....

And away we go! It's been a while since I've driven to NYC, let alone go over 40 mph. We don't have highways on Nantucket!
We got there in no time....John, the gold fish arrived swimmingly.
The new pad in Greenpoint.
From all of that loft space to two tiny rooms and a bathroom.....but this place has closets. My favorite part of the apartment......
The bedroom....

The kitchen/living room.
The funny tile and brilliant wiring....
The wee kitchen.
The hall and 2 closets.
The stuff! We moved to the second floor in 96 degree AC here! But we got it done! Yaaaaaaay!
I left early the next day to get back to Nantucket so I could enjoy Hurricane Earl with Jeffrey. Saw this on the corner. I walked about a mile to the "L" subway station up Nassau Street.
Both of Paul's Grandmothers are Mom second generation. Here is a nice Polish deli.
And a Polish pharmacy.
Beautiful parks along the way.
Looks like a Polish house of worship in the distance.
Paul's great Grandmother's name is Anna Marie....wouldn't she be tickled!

Sad to see you leave New England....but now we have a new place to visit! Good Luck Paul and Allie! xoxo.....I will be doing a behind the scenes update on Hurricane Earl...( notice how calm it is in the background when they interview Mr. Tivnan...that's how it is this morning and the waves are always that big here ...a bit of sensationalism I'd say).I'm going into town now and the Shop will be open until it gets nasty. I'll report back tonight! Stay safe all! :)


Erin @ I Heart New England said...

I didn't know you lived in NY during the year! Cool! I know it must have been hard to leave Nantucket though ♥

natalie jo said...

Been thinking of you! Hubby and I are actually a bit jealous to be off Cape during this exciting time...enjoy the show!

natalie jo

Nantucket Mermaid said...

I just visit New York....Paul and Allie just moved there and we go 4 times a year for a class that Jeffrey is taking....Fun! We live here year round....Thanks for the comment! :)----<