Sunday, September 26, 2010

Boxes and Bread

Here are some new boxes that I have been painting.
Keepsake boxes.

This one is 6 x 6 square and is made of pine. It smells good inside.
This is a balsam box.
As soon as I was done painting it, it sold! A lot of detail in this one.
It has a nice shape.
This one has a mermaid on it.Also made of pine.
I finished these and went home to Jeffrey's cooking.
He made chicken in a Romertopf and gluten free bread.
He had his measuring tape still attached to his belt, just in case......?
There's the bread....delicious! xo


Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Absolutely beautiful... your work is beyond amazing ♥

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I just saw your blog through Erin@I heart New England. What a talented artist you are. Looking forward to visiting often.