Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

What a day! We sat out in the field at my folk's house and watched the flowers grow.
That's the little garden shed behind their house.
My Alfred Hitchcock photo with daffodils.
The hellebores around the little shed are in full bloom. They are also called the Lenten Rose.

Lots of Daffodils!
We set the table with assorted garden buds.
And cute little sheep....and egg candles.

The sun peeped in and added a perfect touch.
Jeffrey was delighted to get another load of wood from an old tree. He cut it up and into the truck it went.
We use it in our wood stove all year long.
That made his day.
There is Marty writing music . Paul and Ali can be seen here.
And yesterday's egg!
Finally, the second to last egg...I have one mermaid egg that I'll post when I get back to Nantucket.
I gave this one to Marty in his basket.
Hope you all had a great Easter and happy weekend! =:) =:) =:)

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