Friday, August 21, 2009

Mermaid Mobile

I drive a 1993 Subaru Legacy...runs swell....but there's one problem....the Bookstore parking lot is shared with The Brotherhood of Thieves Restaurant and Pub.....There are delivery and sanatation trucks going in and out all day, and it's a cramped space for big trucks. I think the drivers wake up in the morning and think...."hmmmm...let's bash that Subaru in Bookworks parking lot today! Yee Haw!" I've been bashed 3 times and never caught the I have a bunch of dents in my bumper( and a crooked bike rack,too) Well, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! I painted a mermaid and a whale right over those dents (although I was tempted to paint a big ole' bulls eye)....The mermaid's tail looks as if it is waving in the sea....but really, it is waving over a big dent. And I put my blog address on it too. What a hippie...ha ha ha!


Marnie said...

love it - i drive a sub wagon too! 124,000 miles and going strong - not as old as your lady nor as a pretty - but gets me where i want to go

natalie jo said...

I always love when people make their own "lemonade!" I'm sure you've got the loveliest bumper on the island!