Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Mermaid Inn

Where's a Mermaid to go when they need a break??????
Here's the Mermaid Inn in Mystic Ct...only a stone's throw away from Mom and Dad.....pretty.....a really historic and beautiful town..... I love the shop "Nest" , but they don't have a web site that I can show you'll just have to door is a clam shack that has the best fried full bellied clams EVER! YUM!

My Son, Marty is moving to Philadelphia next month....hey! Take me to the Mermaid Inn..... Good music,too!

I thought it was an Inn, but I think it's a restaurant.....kind of a vague web site, but looks good! Here's a review ....and HERE are directions and a little more info....Jeffrey goes to NYC for his classes in Polarity 4 times a year, and he stays in the East Villiage....and we will go to The Mermaid Inn....Check out their gallery...that lobster roll looks yummy! xo

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