Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nantucket Moby Dick Marathon

The 3rd annual   Moby Dick Marathon reading was held last weekend
at The Nantucket Atheneum and The Whaling Museum.
Nat Philbrick started things off.
It is about 25 hours long and we start on Saturday morning 
and read straight through to Sunday afternoon.
I read chapter 126 "The Life Buoy" which is the only chapter
that mentions MERMAIDS!

There were two fellows who were promoting their new card game,
..." a dynamic adventure card game for 2-4 players
recreating the doomed voyage of the Pequod. Hire a crew, set sail,
and brave the terror of the white whale.Do you
have what it takes to survive Ahab's ambition?"
You know it will be the hottest game on Nantucket!

                                                               You can buy it HERE.
It will be available at Nantucket Bookworks soon as well!

They stayed through the whole marathon.
Here's Joel taking a snooze.
Good work, Guys!

After the epilogue, we all get a nice cold bottle of 
Whale's Tail Pale Ale
from Cisco Brewers..(made right here on Nantucket!)
and some DELICIOUS chowda from Annye's Whole Foods.
Bea and chowda....what more could you ask for?

Here is David Lazarus reading the epilogue.
Here's to another fine marathon reading!
Happy Winter, all!

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