Monday, February 17, 2014

Mermaids R Us

How about a post about Mermaid STUFF that you can buy online?
(Besides mine! :)-----< )
First up , this sweet knitted mermaid doll from Bla Bla Kids.
Such a pretty web site!

Then there is a mer-cat rubber stamp.
So very adorable =:)

Starbucks anniversary blend with it"s awesome packaging.

A mermaid doll that you can make from the book

Buy a mermaid print or book, "The Survival Guide For Landlocked Mermaids"
by the lovely and talented Margo Datz of Martha's Vineyard.

This is a wonderful illustration that Sophie Blackall
did for, Cacao Prieto, a chocolate shop based in Brooklyn.
Happy mermaid shopping!

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Paper rainbow said...

Oh how I love that mer-cat stamp!! :)