Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Petticoat Row Networking Night Out!

Petticoat Row  is an organization that celebrates Women in business. This month, Jason Bridges from Nantucket By Bike was one of the speakers about Social Media.  There was Jason and about 50 women ...we usually have female speakers, but tonight was different. I saw him devouring a glass of wine after he spoke.(Like the rest of us!) Jason runs Nantucket By Bike....what a great idea! I know him from Nantucket Bookworks where I used to work before I got my wee shop/studio. He always picked up interesting books, and we had great conversations about them.He decided to go for it and open his own business, and had to learn about how to promote it. Since he's a voracious reader, he read everything about social media promotion. So....he also has another business....Social Bridge Consulting (nice!) where he does social media consultation. WOW!

I love his site...I love the way he introduces his tour guides,too, right down to their favorite dishes.(just click the picture)
Amber Hinds also did a talk on social media connections. She is a twenty something wiz, and I will blog about her tomorrow.
If you want to really see our beautiful Island by bike, please make sure to contact Nantucket By will be delighted!

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