Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nantucket Christmas Ornaments

Hello, Mateys! Here are some new ornaments that I have been painting for the Nantucket Stroll event taking place December 2 through 4 right here in Nantucket.
Of course I can make them without the "Nantucket" part.
These are made from thin wooden cut outs. Check out his fine whale pants....available at Murray's if you'd like to get a pair! I have a friend who has mermaids embroidered on his....:):)
I will be working on some 3 d mermaid ornaments this week and I'll make sure to post them.
Here are the carolers singing on the cobblestone streets. ( Thanks, Erin!)
The Coast Guard puts a wreath on the Brant Point Light House to greet everyone. Watch the video...it's sweet!
Here's how they look packaged...
Thanks for looking! :)

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Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Oh, I adore them! Will any of them be going on your online shop by any chance? :) And how flattering that you got inspired by my blog! Although I didn't take the picture I posted, I still feel pretty cool (Hehe) ♥