Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mermaid Postcards

I'll have these six postcards for sale soon. The first.."Who's Your Mermaid?"
The second is the ever popular "Surfer Girl"
Third..."Matey's Forever". I got this idea from a nice customer :) Thank you! It made a great Valentine's Day card and an Anniversary card.
"Mermaid on Shell"....
"The Cook"....also available on an apron....($24.00)
And finally "Greetings From Nantucket"... I will sell these individually or in a set on Etsy and in my Studio as soon as they get back from the printer! All images are copyrighted. Thanks for looking!

1 comment:

cg said...

The postcards are lovely- seems like a great way to present/for others to /enjoy your work...and each one is very distinctive!