Thursday, May 7, 2009


My turn to make dinner last night....Rice pasta with lemon, mint and peas .....He eats gluten free, so I made these for dessert and added some lemon zest to them for a tasty treat sensation...a meal in minutes! (photo courtesy of ms adventures in italy)
I love cookies...Don't these look yummy? They are Rosemary and apricot shortbread cookies...
Then, delicious Powdered strawberry and vanilla bean macarons....both photos and recipes available from Tartlette

Here are some more vanilla macarons from Zen can cook
Someday, I'll make them ! Happy baking....xo

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Marnie said...

sweet that you share the dinner making duties - we do too - but dh cooks more than me these days

i baked 5 batches of cookies this week for various and sundry events/people hmmmgood