Thursday, July 24, 2008

Circus Flora coming to town!

The circus is in town, and I don't mean the summer people!This is Circus Flora
that I'm talking about, and it's right down the road from where we live!

Here's the Wallenda Family doing their thing....

And here is my favorite tight rope walker, Philip Petit! Yikes! Whenever I am afraid of a difficult task or project, I think of Philip Petit, and then I say to myself...THIS GUY MUST BE NUTS! Not really...I say to myself "If this guy can walk across the twin towers on a tight rope, I can get a cream colored mini cooper convertable." See? As simple as that! See you at the circus!(I like this one , too! )


Marnie said...

looks like fun , the circus, not the tight rope - I'm scared of heights - old age for you - a mini cooper, nice - but hard to haul your stuff to the market in!!

Marnie said...

nyt's has a piece in 7/25/08 paper reviewing the documentary on this tightrobe walker! topical