Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Butterfly Jungle Zine Issue Two

I published Butterfly Jungle, my first Zine back in 2004 when I was living in Canada. It is a zine for all ages and the premier issue has a maze in it as well as a centerfold to cut out and make your own Butterfly Jungle.It also has a recipe for Butterfly Jungle Garden Soup. The second issue will be out in August, and you can see the cover below. It will have a delicious Shortbread Cookie recipe that I got from a woman in Cape Breton, the first adventure of Ms. Papillion, a hidden picture quest, and who knows what else? Stay tuned! And I have a little secret.....ooooooh....xo PS a lovely link!


Mama de Saga said...

Jeanne, I can't believe I found you! Your work is beautiful as always. It is so nice to visit your ETSY shop!
Lisa (remember Aspen, and out drive to Grand Junction)

Marnie said...

happy 4th jeanne - must be getting busy on the island. hope the friday shows are great