Sunday, December 16, 2007

Yummy Breakfast on a Sunday Morning

Look what Honey made me this morning....It may look icky, but that's one of my favorites, egg in a hole. Check this out... (his looks much neater...we're more free form) and then you may want to check this out... finally, there's Who would have known there would be so much info on ole Egg in the hole? Now you know. My family and my cousin's family would eat these when we'd go camping....all 14 of us! We would just keep lining up......YUM! But getting back to breakfast, he also served a nice glob of avocado and some sliced tomatoes,a pretty glass of blueberry/pomagrante juice, some yogurt and oatmeal-rice cereal....and did you notice how he cut out the toast with a butterfly cookie cutter? He did that just for me:):):):):) And then there's the pretty little calendula that poped open in our cold frame. (It's about 20 degrees F today)What a sweet heart...(Thank-you ,Hunny)And those plates are pretty nice too! I'm a lucky gal! xoxoxoxo

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