Saturday, September 3, 2011

Farmer's Market Today!

New pirates in the shop....
Lots of necklaces at the market!
I'll be at the Market on upper Cambridge Street near the post office ...9am til 1 pm and then at the shop on 4 Fair Street around the corner from Murrays from 2 til 5. Hope to see you ! :):)

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urban flowerpot said...

Hello! I stumbled across you so very randomly: I'm curling up with my infant-boy and Google image searching for painted rock ideas (specifically: heart-shaped rocks) because I found some up at my friends' mountain home. Anyway, your work is beautiful! I added you to my blog list; I look forward to seeing more. How much are your necklaces? I didn't see them on Etsy but saw that you sold them today at a fair.